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Thierry Jaffry - March 23, 2017

Today is a big day for Simetryk team, partners and clients. Our new website is live!


Check and feel free to give us any (good) feedback.

The website is also available in French. You’ll find information about the product, the benefits, the awesome team, an exclusive business case and a live ROI calculator.

So, what is Simetryk?

Simetryk is the new generation of SIM (Supplier Information Management) softwares.

Simetryk centralizes all supplier data in one single place, and synchronizes it with all your systems, giving you full control over your supplier data & creation process. It enables better spend analytics and leverages AP, procurement, and finance teams to focus more on strategic tasks.

We strongly believe that supplier data is key for a successful procurement strategy.


Why Simetryk?

Over the last 15 years, our team managed many successful S2P project integrations.

In almost every project we had to face the same recurring problem : fragmented and inaccurate suppliers data. How could you move towards Category Management, i.e. analyze spend, market, category, suppliers, trigger initiatives.. if source data is corrupted or just even obsolete, with many duplicates in many systems ? And even if you dedicate a big amount of energy on a one-time cleansing, how will you ensure that it won’t happen again ?

Come on, 120 business adresses change every 30 minutes in the world (D&B source).

In a 2015 worldwide Deloitte benchmark, 67% of CPOs stated that poor data quality was a key barrier to implementing systems, and 95% identified supplier data quality as critical to achieve their objectives.

That’s why we have decided to spend time and money to solve this problem for you, leveraging our procurement & AP processes knowledge, our Source-to-Pay implementation expertise and our integration “savoir-faire”.

To go further:

We have also included a blog section on our website to share our expertise and insights on procurement and supplier data management issues. Here is our first article, that will give you 6 tips to optimize supplier data management:
Let’s get over with flawed supplier data“.

I would personally like to invite every professional from procurement, AP, finance departments or even consultants to contribute in bringing more content to that blog by producing articles on that exciting topic.

Feel free to contact us at
Enjoy the website! (and share it!)

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About the author

Thierry Jaffry has an extensive expertise in S2P projects working successively with Ivalua and Flucticiel software solutions and integrators. He is the man behind Simetryk.

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